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Each week on The Book Show, host Joe Donahue interviews authors about their books, their lives and their craft. It is a celebration of both reading and writers.

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  1. #1686: Janis – Her Life And Music | The Book Show

    On this week’s Book Show, we dive into the life and legacy of Janis Joplin. Holly George-Warren discusses her book, Janis: Her Life and Music. This episode originally aired in November 2019. ...


  2. #1685: Tana French “The Searcher” | The Book Show

    This week on The Book Show, Tana French discusses her book The Searcher. This is her first novel to feature an American protagonist and brings all of French’s atmospherics and characterization to a story that plays with the traditions of suspense fiction and does not fail to keep readers guessing. ...


  3. #1684: Sue Miller “Monogamy” | The Book Show.

    This week on The Book Show, New York Times bestselling author Sue Miller’s insightful new novel focuses on marriage, love, family, happiness, and sorrow. Monogamy is the story of Annie and Graham, happily married for 30 years. But after Graham dies suddenly, Annie discovers he was having an affair.   ...


  4. 1683: Ayad Akhtar “Homeland Elegies” | The Book Show

    This week on The Book Show, novelist and playwright Ayad Akhtar. Akhtar is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. His latest work is Homeland Elegies, a deeply personal work about identity and belonging in a nation coming apart at the seams. It blends fact and fiction to tell ...


  5. #1681: Jonathan Alter “His Very Best” | The Book Show

    On this week’s Book Show, Journalist Jonathan Alter discusses his new book His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, A Life. This is the first full-length biography of Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth president of the United States and Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian.   ...